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Sue lives in the West End of Glasgow.


Her interest in the Alexander Technique began in 2007 when she started having regular Alexander lessons.


From 2012 - 2016 she trained as an Alexander Technique teacher with Don Weed, founder of the Interactive Training Method Association.

Since qualifying Sue has taught people of all ages from many different walks of life. She believes that the Alexander Technique is a practical skill that can help people bring about constructive changes in their lives. 


Sue offers Alexander Technique lessons and group workshops in the West End of Glasgow and elsewhere. She teaches the Alexander Technique at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she works with musicians, actors and dancers.


Sue is also a qualified Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance certified) , and licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration (DEI) trainer and consultant.

Sue's has a B.A. degree in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art, and she is a practising visual artist. 

To visit Sue's art website go to


Professional Memberships 


I.T.M.A.    Interactive Teaching Method Association


C.N.H.C.  Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council 


C.Y.S.      Classical Yoga Scotland - Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher 


D.E.I.       Dynamic Emotional Integration® Licensed Trainer and Consultant  



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