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Alexander Technique


"I went to Sue after many months of unresolved neck and upper back pain. I didn’t know much at all about the Alexander Technique, but Sue was recommended and I was willing to try anything.

Sue’s engaging and pleasant manner, together with her knowledge and way of explaining the technique in a simple and straightforward manner, soon dispelled any reservations I may have had that the sessions wouldn’t help me. After only a few lessons with Sue I could feel myself frequently thinking about how I was moving and using my body as I went around my everyday life. This led to me being able to reduce the amount of unnecessary tension which I was holding in my neck and upper back, which led to less pain.

Thanks to Sue, not only do I now have no pain, but I have a much greater awareness of how my body feels and moves. I would highly recommend her.”    Miranda

"I have been very fortunate to come across the Alexander Technique – and even more fortunate to have Sue Barclay as my teacher. The Alexander Technique has had a profound affect on my well being – both physically and mentally. I believe that learning the Technique has enabled me to understand the cause of my back and neck pain and make changes which can prevent it. This in turn has given me more confidence in other aspects of my life. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough, her knowledge and understanding of the Technique and her ability to teach in a way that is fun, leaves you recharged, and inspired to study the Alexander Technique and practice it for life.”    Lindy

"I began working with Sue because I wanted to find more freedom in my playing and generally in my everyday life. It has been and continues to be a wonderful experience. Working with Sue is a complete revelation. Her approach to the teaching of the Alexander technique is very instructive, illuminating and she instinctively knows the optimal pacing of lessons. Sue is a warm and friendly energy. She is thoughtful, insightful and is truly committed to imparting her knowledge in a way that fosters dialogue and I always leave with all the questions I had answered but always with a new direction to explore. My playing has become much freer and so is my approach to practice. She often reminds me that “everything is easier with a smile” Sue’s lessons are a source of great joy, much laughter and delight. I would highly recommend anyone who has an interest in the Alexander technique to have lessons with Sue. She is a wonderful and inspirational teacher.”    Nicola

"I have enjoyed every single lesson I have had with Sue. She’s kind and funny and approaches each event with a chuckle and a sense of playfulness. The results of the work we did were quite unexpectedly far-reaching – people noticed a difference in me but couldn’t put their finger on it, just that I seemed better somehow. More confident? Lost weight? Better health? New hairdo? No, Just carrying myself differently. With more ease. I certainly experienced less pain after each lesson as Sue’s calming hands reminded my body that it could let go of unnecessary tension, & then her words would stay with me to remind me how to continue practicing.

As a massage therapist, I could feel the difference in a client I referred to Sue – her neck was just softer, chronic tension was released.”    Serena

"Sue Barclay is a wonderful exemplar of how Alexander Technique can be lived and taught. Sue is a person of great integrity who will give you time and space to explore greater ease of movement. If you are willing to take your time, and you are not in a rush for a quick fix then Alexander taught by Sue could be the thing that will make a lasting difference for you. I have learnt with direction from Sue how to better to look after myself, how to be myself with less effort. I would encourage everyone to have Alexander lessons with Sue.”    Kate


"My course of lessons with Sue have been most enjoyable and beneficial, her advice given in such a friendly relaxed manner in my own home. When we first met I was very tense after a spell of ill health and her lovely calm voice enabled me relax and absorb her tuition. I learnt to eliminate movements which I had always believed to be correct and I am most appreciative of her guidance."    Margaret


"Over a year ago I experienced the most excruciating neck and nerve pain down my right arm later diagnosed as ‘spondylosis’. After many treatments with a chiropractor costing huge sums of money nothing had improved. I knew Sue Barclay well and embarked on one-to-one sessions with her for the Alexander Technique. This has been a life changing experience for me and I now use the technique on a daily basis – what I have been taught never leaves my mind. I think about how I walk, how I sit, how I use the computer – it has become part of my everyday life in fact you could say ‘a way of life’ . My neck pain has gone and my posture much improved. During the sessions Sue suggested I might try a little yoga. I have been learning slowly at my pace and it has been an eye opener for me. I had no idea I could achieve what I have. I am fitter and more supple ( making use of these neglected muscles ) and it is great for your mental well-being. I love it. Sue is an inspirational teacher and I would recommend her to anyone.    Elly Taylor Young


"I have been going to see Sue for Alexander lessons for a few years now and I find it very helpful in many ways. I am much more comfortable in my body and body movements and more aware of my body in general. This has had a number of benefits – I rarely have aches and pains now, I feel more relaxed in myself, but also paradoxically, more alert. I think it has also contributed to a general sense of well being. Sue is a lovely, enabling teacher, highly perceptive and astute. The lessons are fun and interactive. I would recommend Sue without any hesitation.”    Mary


"12 months ago I was unable to see myself climbing hills, running or scuba diving ever again. Sue has been an essential part of my recovery. It has taken many months but I am now climbing, diving, running and scuba diving once again. Without Sue’s care, support and teaching I do not think this would have ever been possible.”    Dave


"From helping to manage pain and discomfort, and building confidence to understanding your body and mind better, I have felt the huge benefits of Sue’s classes. I believe they will guide anyone of any age and ability to step into themselves with more confidence and freedom. It is without a doubt one of the best things I have ever done and I would recommend it to everyone!”    Lauren


"Sue has helped me over the last two years with Alexander Technique. She is methodical, clear and patient and I always felt the benefits from each lesson These benefits lasted well after each lesson. She also worked with my daughter who suffers from Asperger’s. She felt tangible benefits from the get go and her posture and manner became more outgoing and confident as each week passed. Sue made her feel at ease, something Asperger sufferers can find very hard.”    Douglas


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