Dynamic Emotional Integration® (DEI) is a leading-edge approach to emotions which is based on the work of award-winning author and pioneering researcher Karla McLaren,M.Ed.



Sue  Barclay is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® trainer and consultant.


She offers DEI workshops, courses and consultations which can help you work skilfully with every emotion you have.

Learning how to feel, identify and work with all of your emotions is essential for your health and well-being. 

Sue’s expertise in DEI includes: feeling and identifying your emotions, learning about the specific skills and gifts each one of these emotions brings you, finding out how emotions work and learning to work with them rather than for or against them, and empathic mindfulness and self-care practises.




Sue's teaching philosophy: A love of art and creative practice inform Sue’s approach to teaching Dynamic Emotional Integration. "Art can help us express our ideas, feelings and emotions. Employing simple marking-making and other creative practices in the context of a DEI workshop facilitates an empathic inner dialogue. Insights and ideas can come to us in surprising and enlightening new ways. We can gain access to aspects of ourselves, our story and our uniqueness in deeply healing ways."No previous experience in art or any other creative practice is required for any of my workshops or consultations. 


"Sue's courses have, for me translated the therapeutic "Given" that feelings emotions is beneficial in healing, into a practical and simple way of understanding, relating to and channelling emotion. I have found the courses highly beneficial to myself, and therefore also to my clients. the theory is easy to follow, the practices are straightforward and the artwork a neat (effective) way to integrate the material."    Ann (Psychotherapist)