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What is Dynamic Emotional Integration® ?


Dynamic Emotional Integration® (also known as DEI) is based on the work of award-winning author and pioneering researcher, Karla McLaren, M.Ed., whose grand unified theory of emotions revalues even the most ‘negative’ emotions and opens startling new pathways to self-awareness, effective communication, and healthy empathy. ​

Sue Barclay is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® trainer and consultant:

Sue teaches online and in-person 'Art and Emotions' workshop, courses and one-to-one sessions which can help you work skilfully with every emotion you have; learning how to feel, identify and work with all of your emotions is essential for your health and well-being. 

Sue's teaching philosophy:

A love of art and creative practice inform Sue’s approach to teaching Dynamic Emotional Integration. Art can help us express our ideas, feelings and emotions. Employing simple marking-making and other creative practices in the context of working with our emotions facilitates an empathic inner dialogue; insights and ideas come to us in surprising and enlightening new ways, and we gain access to aspects of ourselves, our story and our uniqueness in deeply healing ways. 

No previous experience in art or any other creative practice is required to participate in Sue's workshops or consultations. 


“Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, creative practices can be a powerful avenue for self discovery and support. My Dynamic Emotional Integration® colleague Sue Barclay has created a wonderful workshop that can help anyone get in touch with their inner artist (spoiler - we are all artists!).Sue's ingenious ways of incorporating art and mark-making into self reflection and learning can benefit anyone of any skill level or experience.If you've been looking for a way to delve deeper into your emotional understanding and skills in a supportive, fun, and creative environment.”   Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

How is a DEI Consultation different from therapy?

Your emotions are vital aspects of your basic cognition, and you can learn to work with each one of them skillfully. DEI Consultations help you focus on the unique ways that your emotions are working in your life, and on the genius in your emotional realm. DEI skills can help you learn to work with most of your emotions on your own.

However, there are situations where clinical support is helpful, such as long-term depressions, post-traumatic conditions, difficulties with abusive relationships, addictions, and other, more intense situations. We maintain clear boundaries between DEI and therapy, yet we also work with people who are in concurrent therapy, because learning more about your emotions and developing skills with them is helpful at any time, and for everyone.

Working with Sue 


Dynamic Emotional Integration® consulting sessions are offered online or in-person.


Please contact me to make an enquiry. 

What is a dynamic Emotional Integration Consultation? 

Cost of a Dynamic Emotional Integration® consultation:


DEI Consultation - £120 

Self Awareness one-hour DEI consultation session - £60

Group Workshops and Courses: 

If you would like me to create a group workshop or please contact me to discuss this option.


For more information about future Workshops and Courses: go to Workshops and Courses. 

A Wordless Practice that Lets Your Emotions Speak

“When Sue was in her licensing course, she developed an amazing emotion-accessing process called "mark-making," where she had us grab some paper and something that could make marks - crayons, pencils, paints - whatever we had on hand. I call it amazing now, but I was honestly alarmed by it at first, because I can't draw!  Yet when Sue asked us to simply make marks, I was suddenly able to transfer what I felt onto paper. Something about getting away from words and being with that untrained part of myself that could just play with paper and make marks -- it was so freeing and illuminating.I asked Sue to create a course for Empathy Academy. In Sue's course, you'll enter into a conversation with your emotions and explore mark-making, reflection, and activities in a supportive and empathic environment.”   Karla McLaren, M.Ed.


For more information on Dynamic Emotional Integration®


Books by Karla McLaren, M.Ed.: 

'The Language of Emotions - What Your Feelings are Trying to Tell You'

'The Art of Empathy' 

'Embracing Anxiety' 

'The Power of Emotions at Work' 



Testimonials for Sue's 'Art and Emotions' Dynamic Emotional Integration® Group Workshops 

"Sue's courses have, for me translated the therapeutic "Given" that feelings emotions is beneficial in healing, into a practical and simple way of understanding, relating to and channelling emotion. I have found the courses highly beneficial to myself, and therefore also to my clients. the theory is easy to follow, the practices are straightforward and the artwork a neat (effective) way to integrate the material."    Ann (Psychotherapist) 



"I found this workshop series engaging and accessible. I had a new revelation every week! And Sue’s guidance really helped me to understand my emotions and develop completely new insights and ways of thinking. The work we did helped me to approach my emotions differently in part by reframing my own preconceptions. I explored fixed habits in my thinking, and I feel by the end of the course I had a much deeper awareness of what my emotions ‘were’, why they might feel the way they do, and maybe most importantly – what I can learn from them. I’ve used the approaches and exercises we explored frequently: in my daily life, and also with my students (I am an art Lecturer). I wish that this practice was taught in schools… I think we would live in a healthier society if it were!

Sue’s teaching methods are exceptional, she is clearly highly knowledgeable about the foundational concepts of DEI, and her approach is supportive and focussed. Sue listened carefully to what each participant was communicating and responded thoughtfully to everyone. We also had a laugh, and this made each session fly by. Not only was the course useful and meaningful but it was also extremely enjoyable! Sue creates a focussed but fun atmosphere, encouraging everyone to feel able to contribute as much or as little as they felt like after each exercise. I loved the art element of the workshops, and this allowed me to explore my emotions in a way just writing and talking couldn’t. The exercises were simple and clear but allowed for a great depth of exploration. And I was so interesting to see the similarities and differences in how each of us in the group visualised our emotions. I cannot recommend this course enough. It is so accessible and can be explored on many levels so is suitable for anyone. It could be offered to all ages from children to the elderly, and people of all different backgrounds and with different life experience.   Rosie

“Dynamic Emotional Integration (DEI) is a must for anyone who wants to develop a healthy relationship with their emotions, and find a method to befriend themselves. This course is very accessible and immediately practical and usable in day to day life. There are plenty of resources to enhance understanding of DEI in between sessions. Sue is a gifted facilitator. She is very skilful at implementing the work of DEI in a creative and meaningful way. Her workshops meet each participant individually in their life, and the group work is creative and supportive. Be prepared for a transformative paradigm shift that is grounding, inspiring and lasting!”    Alanna

"I wasn’t quite sure what I had signed up for a the start but I am so glad I did. I was immediately put at ease by Sue’s relaxed and happy way she presented very complex principles in packages that were accessible by anyone. Rather than words, we used drawing of colours, patterns & images as a language to communicate to each other what each emotion meant to us. The fact that our emotional literacy has not improved since about age 5 shocked & saddened me. The biggest thing I took away from the course was that feelings like anger, sadness etc pass through many different stages which we would not recognise as being related to their overall heading. Understanding how we as individuals deal with these early indicators, what overall heading they come under, and what will develop if left unheeded helps us welcome them. We can then engage with them and react appropriately. So I am looking forward to starting the follow on course.”    Robert

"Although Sue sent materials in advance of the first Dynamic Emotional Integration workshop I took part in, I didn’t really ‘get’ it until I was on Zoom with six strangers discussing my gut reaction to a ‘family’ of emotions. Sue is a gifted and intuitive guide to excavating emotion. Even on an arm’s length video platform she knows instinctively how to read the room. We strangers quickly became comfortable in one another’s company and, confident we were in a safe space, all sorts of dormant memories and moments of clarity emerged. Initially, I intended to join for four just weeks, but my Saturday mornings were so enlivened by the mix of talking about – and drawing - emotions, that I decided to keep going onto Sue’s second course, which dug even deeper. The drawing – or mark making – with the non-dominant hand (for me, the left hand), was a major plus. Sue’s background as an artist allows her to gently guide participants into drawing out their emotions.

My inner critic was immediately silenced. I was amazed at what found its way onto the blank page. So much so that two months on, I am still doing a left-handed drawing a day and I feel it has opened up something in me that was itching to get out."    Jan 

"Doing DEI with Sue gave me an incredible insight into the inner workings of my emotions. Giving me a better understanding of how my emotions serve me, positively or negatively, and how I can use them to my advantage. Learning to use mark making in this course, as a way of unlocking the true nature and power of your emotions was a wonderful tool to discover and I will definitely be using it in the future."   Gabby 

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking park in Sue’s DEI workshops. It was the first time I was introduced to emotions in this way and feel as though I have stepped in to a new world of insight. I loved using art as a way to express myself and begin to understand my own emotions and how I relate to them. Sue created a very open, comfortable and warm environment where I could share my thoughts on what we were learning, as well as ask any questions. I look forward to continuing to practice the mindfulness techniques we were taught and deepen my understanding of DEI.”    Diana

“I attended Sue’s introductory DEI course and found it very valuable, it really changed my perspective on how I view my emotions. Sue creates a very welcoming environment, and a judgement-free zone for accessing your creative side (which I was a it nervous about!). There are also some really useful practical techniques explored in the final session that have been a really positive addition to my day-to-day life since attending the workshop.”    Gail

 “I joined this series of workshops out of curiosity. However the knowledge I have learned is vast an life changing. Su follows the work of Karla McLaren. Her approach is both enlightening and interesting. She calmly and meaningfully leads and explains new concepts whilst encouraging participants to explore visually some challenging ideas without pressure. The first four workshops were really just an introduction to a vast topic. But were hugely enjoyable, enlightening and informative.”    Suzanne

“I would highly recommend the Dynamic Emotional Integration training workshops. Each workshop was completely enlightening and thought provoking and I have gained so much from participating in them. I am able to carry this knowledge with me into my personal and professional life. I am really looking forward to delving further in this training with Sue, who delivers the workshops so creatively and is such a wonderful teacher.”  Yan

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