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Learning the Alexander Technique

One to One Lessons  -   Introductory lesson


After discussing your reasons for coming to the lesson you will learn about some of the basic principles of the Alexander Technique. As the lesson continues you will apply some of these principles in practical ways in simple activities like sitting standing and walking, and the teacher will help you to become more aware of how little effort is required to use your body effectively.

At the end of the introductory lesson you will have been given an idea of what lessons would involve for you, and you can then decide if you would like to continue with further lessons.


Further Lessons


In further lessons you will learn more about how you can apply the Alexander Technique yourself in order to bring more freedom and ease to all that you do.



Group Lessons and Workshops 


Group workshops of two or more people are a fun, practical and effective way of teaching and learning Alexander's work. Students are invited to have lessons with the teacher and they are also encouraged to participate in group discussion. This kind of interactive group participation facilitates the learning process as participants are able to watch and share in others lessons with the teacher. 

Workshops can be arranged to take place over 1/2 day, a full day; a series of workshops can also be arranged.


Workshops can also be arranged outside of Glasgow. 

If you would like to arrange to come for lessons with friends, family or colleagues or to arrange your own group workshop please contact Sue to discuss this option. 

Cost of Lessons 

One to One Lessons    1 hour   £50


Group Workshops        Individually priced 

Please contact Sue if you wish to book a lesson or to find out more about her teaching: 

Sue's contact details:



Mobile:   07909 504276 



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